Dream Quest International

DQI Highlights May 2017 (Prison Ministry)

Prison ministry is taking the initiative to show the tangible love and mercy of Christ to people behind bars. They deserve to receive the same amount of love, care and kindness from people in our community. By visiting, praying and helping them in any way we can, we allow them to experience God’s love in practical ways.

DQI Highlights May 2017 (Youth Camp 2017)

Again, I have experienced the faith and love of God through the leadership youth camp. At first I was having second thoughts whether to attend or not because most of my friends weren’t coming. But when my LifeGroup leader told me that the camp would serve as training for me in becoming a LifeGroup leader and that I would be having my own LifeGroup, I got a little motivated and decided to join and besides one OF my friends would be joining as well so it wouldn’t be that bad after all.