Do you feel like everything in your life is messy, empty and nothing makes sense? I’m here to tell you that you are not alone.

As the youngest in the family, I grew up as a spoiled brat, “mataray”, “maarte” and “waray batasan." I was selfish, and thought the world only revolved around me. I did not know how to care for other people. I was also anti-social and had a hard time making friends and connecting with people. I was shy and had a very low self-esteem back then. During my childhood, although I knew I was pampered and loved by my parents, I also knew that my family was not perfect. When I was 12 I’ve witnessed how my parents quarelled every day and it was in those times that my father could no longer provide for our needs. My parents’ relationship got worse, and they separated when I was 13 in the year 2012, and my mom died the year after. It was the darkest and hardest time of my life. I felt like I was alone and I had no one to run to. It was when I started to engage in worldly things just to ease the pain and loneliness. I engaged in early relationships, which would only last for months as I could not truly commit, and does not have any idea what love is, and truth be told I only did it so I could have someone who could make me feel special and appreciated. Also, because of my hatred and resentment towards the people I blamed for what happened to my mom and my family, I also started to have anger management issues. Most of the time I would throw things and say hurtful words whenever I am mad or irritated. If I were to describe my old self, I would say I was dirty, broken, lost, evil, selfish, and cold-hearted person.

It was in the year 2015 when I received Christ as my personal Lord and Savior through Dream Quest International which is a dedicated organization in helping young people like me to reach our full potentials. Eventually, I got plugged in to a church and in a lifegroup. Although, I claimed myself as a Christian I was still self-centered, and my hatred and anger issues were still there. Last April of 2018, I failed to pass from my dream course in my dream university. Things didn’t go the way I planned them to be. I can vividly remember how my heart was shattered into pieces because the God I thought was true didn’t answered my prayer. I questioned God’s sovereignty. My anger towards everything pent-up. In June 2018, results from LNU spread online but I could not see my name. I was again feeling heart broken and utterly devastated. But God showed me how faithful He is that day when I saw my name on the list posted in the school. I remember going home praising His name, and in awe of His greatness.

I made a lot of realizations with that experience. I realized how I have been living on my own, that I have not fully committed my life to God. That this life I have is not mine, my life is meant to give glory to the One who created me - God. I have realized that I exist not for my own, but my life is meant to be lived for the fulfillment of God’s purpose in me, and that is to share God’s love to others. It was in that moment too when I realized in my heart that I needed someone to rescue me from my distress, misery, troubled heart, loneliness, life without purpose, and that I needed God in my life. From a life of so much chaos, I was now able to see God’s hand reaching out to me and telling me, "my Daughter Jellian, you have suffered enough and it is time to let go or your hurts and pain and allow me to bring out my purpose in You." Looking back now, I could not see any reason why God would still want someone like me to be His child yet because of His grace and abounding love, He always sees the best in me, even when all I saw was all the worst in me.

Knowing Christ and accepting Him as my personal Lord and Savior has been the most amazing thing I ever did. Since then I learned not to conform to the pattern of this world, to always fix my eyes on Him no matter what. In Him I have found the love I have been searching, to learn to wait and to reserve myself to the one He has prepared for me. I have learned through His Word that my identity is built on Christ and it is He who defines who I am. He taught my heart to be kind, gentle and how to care for His people which led me to take up Bachelor of Science in Social Work.

Being in a lifegroup taught me how to socialize with people. Serving God through a ministry took a huge part in molding my self-esteem and where I should place my confidence. He also taught my heart to forgive the people that I have once blamed for my pain, something I never thought would happen. Without God, I would never be the kind of person I am now. Indeed, He is the only one who can truly transforms us. Soli Deo Gloria!


Jellian Rose Mercado-Susaya
Leyte Normal University
Bachelor of Science in Social Work
Third Year


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Student Sponsorship Program (SSP) is the flagship program of Dream Quest International in partnership with our generous and like-minded sponsors which aims to subsidize the educational needs of our sponsored students like transportation, meals, projects and various school related expenses. We believe that the amount invested into them goes a long way in creating many opportunities to achieve their dreams in life.


We host groups or individuals who have the heart to share their blessings and touch the lives of others in a tangible way. We organize various school and community activities that will surely impact your own life as much as you impact the lives of others.


Help our local needy children and youth in Tacloban City by providing a kit full of school supplies so they can be equipped to reach their dreams in life.


“We make a living by what we get. We make a life
by what we give.”

— Winston S. Churchill

Give Life! Donate Now! Don’t Just Count Your Blessings, SHARE IT!

“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.”
― Winston S. Churchill

Give Life! Donate Now!

Don’t Just Count Your Blessings, SHARE IT!

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A Christian and Non-Government Organization (NGO) dedicated to working with children, youth, families, and their communities to help reach their full potentials by providing opportunities on Leadership Development, Spiritual and Values Formation, and other Holistic Community Development Programs.


We serve all people with special focus to children and youth regardless of race, belief and gender. We partner and engage our stakeholders at the barangay, city, municipal and provincial level in implementing various holistic activities that will create lasting impact especially in the lives of our Filipino children and youth.


Honor God. Serve people.


To see a movement of transformed, God-fearing and thriving communities in Tacloban City & beyond



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Meet the people behind the scene

Rev. Dennis Koh

The Founding President of DQI. He has been a missionary to Philippines for 20 years and founded Dream Quest X-treme Missions now Dream Quest International. He has great passion to see the youth fulfill their God-given destiny and purpose. He is married to Daisy and they have one son, Daniel.

Daisy Koh

She is the wife of Rev. Dennis Koh who is passionate for people with special needs especially the hearing impaired. She has served God as missionary in Philippines for more than ten years. 

Mark Anthony Cadilo

He is an architect and a businessman by profession. He is also currently serving as the Team Leader for the DQI Philippine Team. He is not just a builder of buildings but passionate in building young lives as well for the glory of God.

Kristina Cadilo

She is also an architect by profession and is known for her craft in various events styling in Region 8 and beyond. Despite of her busy schedule, she serves as the Corporate Treasurer of DQI and is actively involved as a mentor among the college students in Tacloban City.

Dwayne Bob Lerion

He is a Licensed teacher by profession and has a rich experience in community organizing and development work through his involvement with World Vision Philippines. He now serves DQI as the Campus Operations Director. He loves mentoring and discipling students.

Francis Bernadette Lerion

She is a Psychology graduate from the University of the Philippines (UPVTC). She is happily married to Dwayne Bob Lerion and a wonderful mother to a 7-year old boy, Bryce. Her passion is to see students fulfill God’s destiny in their lives.

Joel Lucero

He is a computer technician by profession before God called him to join DQI team as a Support Staff. He is happily married to Dinah Beth and a father to a 3-year old son named Sam. He is a gifted musician which he utilizes to mentor youth in the work of DQI in schools and community.

Dinah Beth Lucero

She is a nurse by profession and has served overseas for 4 years. God brought her back to Philippines in 2015 and the year after God led her to serve as a volunteer in DQI alongside with her husband Joel. She is also involved in mentoring Senior High School students in the city.

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Dream Quest International
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Mark Anthony Cadilo
Phone Number: +63 917 305 6145

Dwayne Bob Lerion
Phone Number: +63 917 305 6146